I spend quite some time on sports. During the summer, I do some inline speedskating, cycling and running. In wintertime, you can find me on the ice, skating marathons, long track and a bit of short track.

Speed SkatingCyclingInline Skating

Video Editing

I like to shoot and edit videos, both for work and for fun. Some examples:

KitzSki | 05’02”

Collalbo | 01’51”

Cycling Ardennes | 06’00”

Inline Skating | 00’39”

Eindhoven Pinguïns | 01’24”

Jazz | 08’58”

Holography Concept | 01’51”

VictoryaHome Concept | 06’47”

Web Design

In my spare time, I design and implement a website every now and then. Here is a selection: