2015–2019: Various data management implementation projects at Adversitement.

AdversitementGoal: Providing enterprise clients with digital data excellence — collecting and processing all relevant customer-generated information, both online and offline, and turning these data into reliable insights, empowering brands to improve their products and services, and to deliver an optimal customer experience

Process: As a business consultant, it is my responsibility to translate business strategies and specific requirements into solid solutions in the field of online and offline data management and analytics — supporting our clients’ data analysts, providing them with high-quality data and the right tool sets to work with this data.

Secret weapon: Our unfair advantage is DimML, a unique programming language that enables us to deploy a single infrastructure for collecting, measuring, monitoring, transforming, integrating, enriching and distributing dynamic data — from any given source and in real-time.

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2013–2015: 3-year innovation project at Smart Homes.

victoryahome_picGoal: Design and test an intelligent environment, smartphone app and telepresence robot to support and connect older adults, family and professional caregivers.

Process: Interviews, focus groups, user evaluations with early prototypes, videos, redesigns, and an extensive 1-year evaluation study with 40 families in 4 countries.

Results: First 3 iterations have been finished. In 2015, the long-term evaluation study has started. See my demo video or visit In April/May 2015, Discovery Channel aired a short documentary on my project.


2010–2013: 3-year research & innovation project at Smart Homes.

mobiserv_picGoal: Design and evaluation of a social robot and intelligent home to provide health and wellbeing services to older adults and their family.

Process: User-centred design, including observations, diary studies, concept generation, wireframing, prototyping, and extensive pilots in controlled environments and people’s own homes.

mobiserv_vidResults: Several iterations of prototypes have been tested with end-users and their caregivers. See the final demo video.


2009–2012: 4-year research & innovation project at Smart Homes.

companionable_picGoal: Designing, developing, and testing a social companion robot and ambient intelligent environment to support people with MCI or early dementia.

Process: Early prototyping, early user evaluations through Wizard-of-Oz studies, and several rounds of redesigns and extensive user tests with a fully working prototype.

companionable_vidResults: A fully working prototype and very positive responses from end users and their carers. For more info, see the video or visit


2009: 9-month design project at Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs.

alu_vid_0Goal: Designing concepts to support smooth and natural initiation of informal opportunistic communication by distributed knowledge workers.

Process: Research and design, including literature study, observations, interviews, diary studies, brainstorming, sketching, conceptualization, video prototyping, expert reviews, and user evaluations.

alu_vid_1Results: Six new concepts, two video prototype visualizations, and much valuable user data collected through several evaluation sessions.

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